What’s our “Why”?

Being a mother of two wonderful young adults, I feel it goes without saying that parenthood is the most rewarding, yet challenging years of our lives...if only there were a “How To” book! Am I right?!  Getting children through the dreaded teenage years is the most pivotal time of their lives and the most delicate time of ours. We, as parents, do the best we can, and try to avoid making “the same mistakes our parents did”. As children grow into their independence, each year brings new challenges and the ultimate test of life begins.

I am sure all too many of us are aware of the many temptations that exist in today’s world, not only for our children, but for everyone. It is the harsh and heartbreaking reality that for some, these temptations can lead to addiction. The truth is, addiction does not discriminate. I know this is something we can all relate to, and for my family, this is something that hits close to home. I’ll never forget the first time my kids told me about one of their friends passing away due to an overdose. We were completely crushed by the news, and as a parent, my heart ached for my children and for the family of their friend. It goes without saying, no parent should ever have to experience the loss of a child. 

In these situations we question “why”, and ask ourselves “what more can I do to help prevent this from happening again”? I found my answer after hearing for the fourth time that one of my children’s friends passed from an overdose. In their wake, leaving behind so much pain, and the new reality of a life without them. That was more than enough for me to say “That’s a Wrap!”. I have to do something about this, or at least try!

After coming to this realization, I knew I was in a position to make a difference, and decided it was time for me to contribute to this cause that my family and I are so passionate about. And “That’s a Wrap!” was created. Why the name? Everytime I overcome a challenge, finish a project, complete a marathon, or set a goal to achieve, like our goal with this company to aid in the fight to overcome addiction, I often say “That’s a Wrap!”. So there it is! 

As our way to contribute, we, as a family and company, decided to open this offsite lunch catering division of The Venue. At the end of each year, we will donate a percentage of sales to a local recovery center. It is our hope and goal that these contributions support those who need help in overcoming and ultimately defeating their addiction.

Marta SantaMaria

Marta Santamaria, Family and Team

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